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Month: February 2014

Haricot Jaune, Not Vert

Haricot Jaune, Not Vert

One day after K went to the market I opened the refrigerator to see what he brought back. Upon a quick eyeball survey I noticed a bag of delicate yellow beans. Days later we were at the market once again to pick up a last […]

52 Weeks: 8/52

52 Weeks: 8/52

On a stroll through Balboa Park and noticed a few statues that I’ve never seen. I’m going to blame it on the dogs distracting me but most likely it was my lack of paying attention to my surroundings. A quick lunch of tuna and greens […]

The Seelbach

The Seelbach


Ahhhh…it’s finally my favorite day of the week. Friday means the end of the work week (for me) and the beginning of cocktail hour which I cannot wait to commence! It’s also the start of another whirlwind weekend of planning, grocery shopping, and cooking and/or baking for the next week. This is where I plan to cram every possible recipe and project into 2 days in between household chores which  are a complete snore. That said, I’m going to get a jump on this here and toast to a new-to- me cocktail; may I interest you to the Seelbach?


The Seelbach:

from Garden and Gun

1 oz bourbon

1/2 oz cointreau liqueur

4 dashes peychaud’s bitters

3 dashes angostura bitters

champagne or sparkling wine

orange peel

Stir together bourbon, cointreau, and bitters in a chilled champagne glass. Top with cold champagne or sparkling wine, and garnish with a long twist of orange peel.

Blackberry Basil Cream Puffs

Blackberry Basil Cream Puffs

Choux pastry is extremely versatile and a definite must in one’s dessert repertoire. The possibilities are many ranging from cream puffs to gougeres to Parisian gnocchi and many more! Lately, I’ve been more interested in returning to the classics than in crazy flavor combinations and new […]

Finger-Lickin’ Fried Chicken Sandwich

Finger-Lickin’ Fried Chicken Sandwich

Once in a while, a good idea strikes and there goes the afternoon. That’s exactly what happened when K thought up this fried chicken sandwich concoction. Out came the bread book and off to the market we went. Originally, we were thinking about using a […]

52 Weeks: 7/52

52 Weeks: 7/52


On a walk with the Rupster through the park. Thank goodness for the shade of trees.


K is making some rolls for an upcoming post. Notice the hungry little guy in the background? He’s waiting for us to drop some tasty bits.


I love flowers in the kitchen.


Breakfast time! A quickie waffle batter that was surprisingly good. Definitely going to remember this recipe for next time…



Another work lunch- pasilla pepper hummus, feta, olives, and arugula with lemon juice. Delicious and healthy.


A weekend snack- baked potatoes with garbanzo beans, spinach, and spicy coconut sauce.


Cocktail time! Celebrating the weekend and our vintage coupe glasses. Recipe will be coming next week. Cheers!

Lavash Chips with Pasilla Pepper Hummus

Lavash Chips with Pasilla Pepper Hummus

Lately, I’ve been really good about doing some advance preparation for work lunches. I’ll admit, it’s time consuming to prep everything on Sunday afternoon but lemme tell you, come Monday, I’m really glad I put in the extra time. The best part? We have enough […]

Double Chocolate Doughnuts

Double Chocolate Doughnuts

Almost everybody I know loves doughnuts unless they are on a diet but in that case, they are not my friends. The key is moderation, folks and life is way too short to pass on the good sweet stuff. An occasional indulgence is just fine […]

52 Weeks: 6/52

52 Weeks: 6/52

I don’t know where the time goes but it’s speeding by all the while I forget to whip out the phone and snap away so I can remember later. Ah, there’s always next time. Here’s this week:

IMG_2614_edited-1My greedy Big P loves her greens.


Trying out new kinds of beans. Giant reds!


Healthy lunch of feta, barley salad with sherry vinaigrette and hummus.


Roasting more chiles for salsa. Since we consume so much salsa every week I’ve started making much larger batches.


Out for a walk at dusk. Isn’t this church in twilight reminiscent of a horror movie setting? All we’re missing is a murder of crows!

How to: Prepare Chile Peppers

How to: Prepare Chile Peppers

Some things we take for granted and just don’t think about. These are usually the simple things that never get a second thought but are nevertheless important stepping stones that make up the base of a more complex dish. Such is preparation of the humble […]

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