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Month: August 2014

52 Weeks: 35/52

52 Weeks: 35/52

These last days of summer have been speeding by. Some weeks, I just don’t know where the time went. In a way, it’s a good thing in my world that summer is coming to an end. I’m ready for the city to quiet down and […]

52 Weeks: 34/52

52 Weeks: 34/52

Hey hey! It’s been a great week in Hawaii exploring new places and revisiting oldies while reconnecting with friends and family. The week was jam packed and lots of fun. Here’s a peek at some offbeat stuff: There are few things better than fresh picked […]

52 Weeks: 33/52

52 Weeks: 33/52

We had a nice break from the same-ol routine and got out of town for a few days. Here’s what we were up to:


Blue skies


Goodbye dreary SF…


Hello sunny Oahu!


Diamond Head crater


We hit the ground running, no slouching for us. Soon as the plane landed, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and hoofed it up to the top of Diamond Head. It felt good to stretch our legs after the long plane ride.


There must always be an incentive for hard work… Shaved ice rewards afterward. My favorite flavor is lilikoi (passion fruit).


Cooling off after a long and hot/sticky walk.


Banyan trees are plentiful here.


After seeing this, I’m certain I won’t be getting my hair done by Daniel.

Furikake Popcorn

Furikake Popcorn

Know what goes well with an ice cold beer? Chips you say? Meh. Peanuts? Sure, but not what I have in mind today. If you’ve never had furikake popcorn and you enjoy a frosty beer, then this snack was made to pair with that beer… […]

Fish Taco Enchilados

Fish Taco Enchilados

In addition to sandy beaches and great climate, San Diego is known for excellent fish tacos. Interestingly, these delicious fish tacos are made in the Baja style which can be had by driving an extra mile past San Diego. The real deal. Hands down, the […]

52 Weeks: 32/52

52 Weeks: 32/52

Heat and humidity is creeping back so we spent the days trying to be as cool as can be. That means lots of air conditioner and cold drinks. Here’s a glimpse of what this past week looked like:


Checking out an exhibit by James Drake at MCASD: An Anatomy of Drawing and Space. Interesting drawings and prints but my favorite was the video installation of huge pigs devouring the contents of a dinner table.


Ending the day with a cold beer at Border X Brewing.


This fancy low rider was parked outside.


Another Space Invader installation that I just discovered in downtown.


Relaxing with a whiskey and soda while watching Johnny Marr cover Smiths songs. Not bad. I’ll take what I can get.


This speaks for itself.


Vegetarian tacos from San Diego Taco Company.


Almost twilight in Logan Heights.

Happy weekend to you all!



One great thing about summer is the simple pleasure of having a few extra hours of sunlight in the day to sit on the porch sipping a mint julep– when life’s busy schedule allows. On days when this is not possible, I take pleasure in […]

Heirloom Tomato and Avocado Toast

Heirloom Tomato and Avocado Toast

I’ve never had $10 toast and likely never will. For me, it’s more of refusal to cave to a ridiculously over priced trend and shining example of band wagon jumping. It’s just not for me, but you go ahead if that’s your thing. I won’t […]

Salmon Collars

Salmon Collars


I was on a mission to find some grouper and maybe some sardines this weekend at the fish market. No sardines, yes grouper, and some delicious salmon collars. What a nice surprise. Fish collars are far less expensive cuts of fish than the commonly seen and beautifully displayed fillets. They have an abundance of flavor and are usually quite meaty. A simple preparation and restraint in ingredients is the best way to enjoy this lesser known piece of fish.




Broiled Salmon Collars:

2 salmon collars

Sea salt

1 T toasted sesame oil

Sansho leaves for garnish

1 lime, juiced

1/2 cup soy sauce

Prepare the Collars:

Fresh fish should not have an overwhelming “fishy”odor, but nevertheless, it will have some sort of fish smell. This technique aids in lessening the fish smell while softening any “fishy” taste. Pat the collars dry and sprinkle sea salt on both sides. Cover loosely with plastic wrap and let sit for 15- 20 minutes. Gently remove the salt with a paper towel and wipe each side while patting excess liquid dry. It’s important to dry the fish as much as possible before cooking.

Ponzu Dipping Sauce:

Combine the soy sauce and lime juice in a non-reactive container and set aside.

Preheat the Broiler:

Place collars skin side up on a foil lined sheet pan. Lightly brush on sesame oil and season with salt to taste. Broil 5 minutes and then flip collars over and broil another 5-7 minutes until done and the ends are a bit charred. Remove from broiler and garnish with a few sansho leaves.

Serve with brown rice and a simple salad.

52 Weeks: 31/52

52 Weeks: 31/52

I spent this week preparing for the next partly in an effort to get ahead and partly to keep myself on track. Once the weekend comes around, it’s easy for me to get distracted and put the mundane things off until the vary last minute. […]

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