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Auberge de la Brenne

Our first night in Amboise a cozy family run restaurant called Auberge de la Brenne was recommended for dinner.  This restaurant also happened to be listed in the France 2011 Bib Gourmand Michelin guide (which we found out after the fact). The restaurant has a reputation for some of the best food in the area and of course, the antics of the Patriarch of the family, a short-ish, portly man who also acts as the restaurants owner/sommmelier/waiter. His wine recommendations were outstanding the entire night and he recommended a red Sancerre wine which till that moment I’d had no idea one even existed.

The amuse came out which surprised us both. We were expecting somewhat of a simple dinner and to be honest most of what I learned about the restaurant was learned the day after. The amuse was an avocado mousseline with a club sandwich on the side. Both items were small but had big flavor.

Here’s what we ordered: pork rillettes with toasted baguette, white fish with saffron cream sauce, veal with apples and confit potatoes, two cheese plates, meringue, and chocolate fondant cake. Too much food for two people but everything was so good and satisfying.

As delicious as dinner was what was even more entertaining was the owner. He’d come over to our table and ask us a question on occasion, not knowing what he was asking,  I’d usually say something like, “everything is delicious” or “tout bien”. He’d then continue talking, only louder, to which I could only reply with, “Oui?!”  which then he’d immediately respond, by speaking even louder, and act out what he was saying. The other tables would all look, laugh, to which all we could do was smile back.


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