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Destination: Palm Springs, CA

While the weather was blah and rainy here, we skipped off to Palm Springs for a quick overnight get away. It was a warm 80 something degrees and actually got quite hot. We went all out and took all of our little guys so it was a bit hectic but so much fun. Why didn’t we go to PS when we lived closer??? I love it and am looking forward to returning already. Here’s a peek at some of the things we did:

Palm Canyon Drive is the main street where the shops and cafes are located. Don’t you just love the palm trees against the hill side? We went from mid-century furniture shops to retro jewelry boutiques to super cool thrift stores before finally running the little guys at the dog park and then checking into the hotel.

A must see: Dazzles antique shop! It’s located in a former motel and the back section has an amazing mind boggling selection of retro jewelry and housewares. Definitely a fun and worthwhile stop.

Sometimes you just need a break from all the excitement. Time to sit for a drink and a snack. Lulu’s is great for people watching and hanging out.

Ok so this picture is not too exciting, but as a person who loves to travel with my dogs I am always on the look put for pet friendly places and dog parks along the way. We got lucky and happened upon this one that was close to our hotel. I was impressed with this place for two reasons: 1) there are two sections separated by a fully enclosed fence for large and small dogs and 2) pooper scoopers!!! See them next to the trash can? I love it! What a great convenience. Our guys were so tuckered out by the time we got to the park, they hardly ran, but did enjoy hanging out with the locals.

Fun times at the Saguaro Hotel’s restaurant, Tinto. We had a nice array of tapas and my favorite wine, txakoli! The txanguro (crab) was the tastiest tapa, but the bunuelos for dessert with the crunchy and flaky sugar on top stole the show for me.

Love the colorful modern decor.

Cool places to check out in PS:


Dazzles Antique Shop

1035 N Palm Canyon Dr
Palm Springs, CA 92262

Route 66 West

465 N Palm Canyon Dr
Palm Springs, CA 92262

Wil Stiles

875 N Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262


Palm Springs Dog Park

222 Civic Drive N
Palm Springs, CA 92262


Tinto at The Saguaro

1800 E Palm Canyon Dr
Palm Springs, CA 92264

Lulu California Bistro

200 S Palm Canyon Dr
Palm Springs, CA 92262

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