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Destination: Kyoto

After a blowout weekend in Tokyo, it was time to hop on the Shinkansen and head to Kyoto. I love the sleek and comfortable bullet train, so efficient and on time. My only complaint was the lack of cool air. It progressively got warmer and warmer and then stuffy. At this point, it was time to pass out and get some rest. Upon arrival, there was a downpour in Kyoto. No matter, there were still lots of folks out and about in the city center. After checking in, we grabbed the camera and headed out into the crowds. Here are some of the fresh new sights we saw:

 Cemetery wedged in between modern buildings smack in the middle of the city.We trekked up to Fushimi Inari, the sprawling Shinto Shrine where all we did was walk up, up, and up the mountain. Huffing and puffing all the way- that was just me. I love these foxes (there were tons of them, all slightly different) and the countless shrine gates we saw along the way.

After some sightseeing, we were ready to check out Nishiki Market, best known for superb  produce, a vast variety of pickled vegetables, and supplier to many local restaurants. Check out the mouth-watering offerings:

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