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Adventures in Eating: Kyoto {Pontocho area}

Kyoto is one of those large but manageable cities that has so much to offer in terms of traditional sights as well as delicious food at every turn down pretty much any small street. Above is Pontocho, a narrow pedestrian only street lined with restaurants, bars, and entertainment. Our first night finding a place to eat was quite a challenge. For starters, Kyoto is more of an early dinner eating kind of town. Let’s say 6-8ish is prime dinner time. It was well after 8 before we began to search for a dinner spot and as we peeked into several establishments, one after another, I was becoming more and more unsure of where to finally settle. One place had no windows on the side of the street where the entrance was and so we went inside to find a very Japanese restaurant complete with shoe removal at the door, a seating fee, a minimum drink order, and a menu we could absolutely not decipher. Although it was frustrating finding a dinner spot I could get excited about, I’m glad that happened because we finally decided on an awesome place. Of course, we didn’t know what a find it was until the food started coming out. Here’s what we had:

No joke, this is Japan’s spiciest ramen and we slurped up every last noodle. I’m still thinking about this ramen and my mouth is definitely watering.

Fried eggplant in sauce that tasted of dashi and yuzu.

Kyoto fried potatoes with salt on the side.

White radish in sauce- not sure what was in it, but it sure was tasty.

Sadly, I can’t share the name of this restaurant with you because the name was in Japanese and I could not read it. However, there is a website:

Stay tuned for more Kyoto food adventures…

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