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Adventures in Eating: Kyoto {Komameya}

Dinner at Komameya was a totally unique and very “Kyoto” experience. Komameya is a restaurant known for its yuba (derived from soy beans/pure soy milk that comes in a variety of forms- see below) and it sure lives up to the expectation- in terms of experiencing yuba. We decided to go for the set menu (Yuki Course) over the a la carte in order to sample a wider variety of courses than what we might normally be inclined to order.

First course: A trio of tastes and textures. Black sesame bean curd, sweet and sour (one each) with pickled vegetables.

Second course: Yuba “sashimi” with soy sauce on the side and bean curd in olive oil (?)Third course: Takenoko (bamboo shoot) soup

Fourth course: white fish with ,mushroom, pink peppercorns, and asparagus

Fifth course: Salad of yamaimo (mountain potato), takenoko, and grilled yuba in a lightly flavored brothSixth course: Deep fried shrimp, shishito, yuba. Right about here, we became quite full and were not sure how many more courses were coming. Things were slowing down…Seventh course: Kombu (seaweed) salad, yubaEighth course: Rice and raw egg, tsukemono (pickles) on the sideNinth course: Green tea “pudding” (similar in texture to a panna cotta) and matcha (powdered green tea) syrup

Oh my! We made it! Yes, we’re full of yuba and beyond had our fill- the last two courses really put me over and it was a good thing we had a substantial walk back to the hotel.

This restaurant (one of 3 locations) is located on the third floor in the same building as a large Starbucks and the restaurant sign in in Japanese only (across the street of Daimaru, but on the same side (on the corner). We found Komameya through this site which was very helpful for finding eating places in every neighborhood.


Tel: 075-221-7300

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