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Destination: Nikko, Japan

We arrived in Nikko via the shinkansen (bullet train) and took a short taxi ride to the ryokan. It was raining when we arrived and it rained all throughout the days we were in Nikko. This first day, we took a short walk down the hill from the hotel and came to the Shinkyo (sacred bridge), snapped some photos and wandered around some more.

Right across the street from the sacred bridge was one of a few entrances to the national park where the Toshugo temple and shrine complex is located. It was quite a trek uphill and I’m sure getting lost in the downpour only added to the time it would normally take to reach the top. Later, we would find out that we could have entered very close to the temple site via a back road along our hotel.

The famous three monkeys carving- hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil are located above a stable close to the entrance and ticket kiosk.

At the ryokan, both breakfast and dinner were included with our stay, as well as access to the onsen- public and private. Here’s a peek at kaiseki style meals:

A quiet back road next to the ryokan was great for leisure strolls, even in the rain.

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