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Tokyo: Shinjuku and Harajuku

After the Kyoto and Nikko trips, we headed back to Tokyo. Back to the 24 hour city, all night karaoke/bars/clubs, and back to the great food! Above is a colorful character in Shinjuku whom I couldn’t resist taking a photo of.

One morning, we woke up at the crack of dawn, got some coffee, and waited for the park to open up so we could see the late cherry blossoms. Shinjuku Park is a great place to see cherry blossoms- there was a nice variety of trees, my favorite were the white blossoms, but there were also light pink and dark pink blossoms as well. This park is in the middle of the city and there is a section where you can enjoy both the tranquil park and see the tall buildings of Shinjuku at the same time.

Harajuku is a bustling neighborhood, especially on the weekend. It gets crazy here! You can see the sea of people flowing through the narrow streets where there are countless shops, cafes, and ice cream and crepe eateries. If you’re looking for creative street  fashion, make sure to go during the weekdays. We went on a Thursday and it was so much better in terms of people watching than the weekend. But, if you just want to be part of the madness, go on a Sunday.

All that walking and people-dodging made me hungry. We went back to Iroha for the second time since I love their udon and spicy miso dipping sauce. So good!

After a busy day people-watching and endless walking, it was time to do a little sight seeing and take a relaxing stroll through the tree-lined walk on the way to Meiji-Jingu shrine.

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