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Birdland {Tokyo}

Have you ever dined in a Michelin rated restaurant located in a subway? Yeah, me neither…except for this first time. Birdland was supposed to be easy to find, right around the corner from our hotel. We must have passed it several times looking for the entrance. Why did we not think of walking down the steps to the subway entrance? That’s right, because we were not taking the subway! However, to get to this restaurant, one must actually descend into the subway. This yakitori restaurant serves mostly poultry where you can choose between two set menus or go a la carte. We chose the smaller of the prix fixe which turned out to be 13 courses!

Amuse: baby squid, pickled vegetables, chicken skin, and gizzard in a gelatinous coating

First: Chicken pate, super creamy, tastes of a hint of miso

Second: Chicken breast, simply dotted with wasabi

Third: Chicken and green onionFourth: Grilled liver, salted and pepperedFifth: fresh tofu, tomato, olive oil, sea salt, pepper. Simply delicious and refreshing.

Sixth: Grilled ginko nuts with sea salt. Bitter, slight crunch, but interestingly awesome.

Seventh: Chicken hearts!

Eighth: Salad! I needed this after all the grilled items

Ninth: Chicken meatballs in teriyaki sauce

Tenth: Marinaded chicken breast with crispy skin and sansho leaves

Eleventh: Maiitake mushrooms with a sprinkle of salt and a squeeze of lime

Twelfth: Thigh, leek, pepper

Thirteenth: Rice, chicken, raw egg- stir together while rice is hot. Served with pickled vegetables and  pure broth garnished with chopped shiso leaf.

This was the most extensive yakitori meal I have had and I can say after the finish line, I had my fill of chicken. Everything was delicious, but I was not blown away. Service was attentive and food came out promptly, but it was an expensive meal. I’m glad I experienced yakitori in Tokyo, but would not return.

Bird Land

Tsukamoto Sozan Building B1F

4-2-15 Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo



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