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Happy Friday {Tokyo odds and ends}

Here’s a compilation of odds and ends from the trip. They didn’t quite fit in the other posts, but I wanted to share them anyhow. Tokyo is a fabulous city and the food, arts, entertainment, and vibrant culture only add to its appeal. Here are a few photos to illustrate:

Golden Week festivities in the rainShibuya and a sea of umbrellas

Getting lost at the Shinjuku station

We tried awamori (Okinawan drink similar to sake) and loved it. Cheers!

Dropped in for a whiskey and water at Blue Eyes jazz bar. The owner has tons of jazz records and he’s open to requests!

Taking in an all night metal show with Tequila Squad at Antiknock Bar in Shinjuku

Champignon de Bois (filled bread with crab, bacon, and mushroom) at Dalloyau in Ginza

One of Ginza’s many shops, a multi-story Uniqlo!

Basement food court in the department store- this is the BEST place to grab a quick bite to eat and dessert to follow.My favorites are Isetan and Mitsukoshi- check them out if you are ever in Tokyo (just don’t do it on an empty stomach or you’ll leave with one of everything!).

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