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Adventures in Eating: Kansas City, MO

“Adventures in Eating” is all about great desserts, drinks, food and local spots that I’ve been to during my travels. These are places I would definitely recommend to friends and find myself revisiting time and again  when I return. Some are new finds and others are old favorites:

Chocolate and Coffee:

Christopher Elbow Chocolates for the obvious, but they also make the richest mouth- watering mochas in town. The chocolates here are exceptional- smooth ganache or delicate caramel fillings enrobed in paper  thin chocolate. My favorites include all the dark chocolate caramels (lavendar, rosemary, honey, balsamic, and bourbon) and the special single malt scotch ganache.

Fresh baked bread:

Fervere bread shop is located in a cute neighborhood just up from downtown. Located on Summit Street, it’s next to a handful of small neighborhoody cafes and a market. We came away with the grain travel bread which stayed fresh and soft for 2 days and made for a healthy snack inbetween meals. Word to the wise: they run out early, so call ahead to reserve your loaf.Breakfast:

Bluebird Bistro is conveniently located on the same street as Fervere, on the corner. Try the biscuits and gravy- this was a total treat for me since I rarely get to have them at home.

Lunch or Dinner:

 Pizza Bella is a great place to have a casual lunch or dinner. This butter lettuce salad with anchovy and lemon vinaigrette was so good, we returned the very next day for more. Just try it. You also can’t go wrong with the brussel sprouts and any pizza, although the mushroom pizza is especially delicious.


Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ for the best BBQ in Kansas. Yes, Kansas side and yep, it’s in a gas station. Don’t let that scare you off because this is the tastiest BBQ you’ll ever wrap your lips around. Be prepared to wait in line, out the door. Definitely worth the wait if you’re not in a hurry. Try the Carolina style pulled pork sandwich with spicy sauce. Wear a bib, bring some wet naps, and do not wear white clothing!


Fiorella’s Jack Stack for burnt ends, cheesy corn, onion rings, and cheesy potatoes. Beware, the entrees are LARGE and in charge, so we opted for a bunch of appetizer platters to share.


Manifesto for artisan cocktails so strong, you’ll definitely get your dollar’s worth here. If you like a dimly lit room and strong cocktails, this is the place. The bar upstairs in the Rieger Hotel is also a decent place for a drink. Make sure you’re not late for your reservation or you’ll end up waiting around for quite a while on a weekend.

The Cigar Box: (816) 421-7222 for a lounge atmosphere with live music by Al.

Dueling Piano’s Bar for a good time. Also great for bachelorette parties, b-day celebrations, and any old excuse to gather your crowd and have a great time.

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