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Adventures in Drinking: San Diego, CA {Craft & Commerce}

Welcome to my new addition to the blog… Adventures in Drinking. Since I never pass up a good drink or an opportunity to check out a new- to- me establishment, why not share it with you? In these posts, you will find a selection of bars both local and abroad depending on where I am and what I find. So…  let’s get started. This here is Craft & Commerce in San Diego. It gets good and crowded on Fridays so you might want to skip out on work early and secure your spot at the bar or get a table if you’re dining in. Otherwise, you’re standing and jostling the crowd to get to the bartender.

I’m big on bar food and snack-y things to keep me occupied while I enjoy my drink. Truth be told, by the time we get to the bar, I’m starving and more than ready for some deep fried treats. These fried pickles with blue cheese did not disappoint. It’s the second time we ordered them and I can see more in my future. They are thick cut and hearty, none of the skinny, floppy ones here. Next to them pictured on the right are the cracker jacks with bacon. Hungry yet?

Our drinks were a negroni and the dutch flower, a gin based drink. Both were very good so we went for a second round. Cheers and Happy Friday!

Craft & Commerce

675 W. Beech St.

San Diego, CA 92101

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