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Adventures in Drinking: San Diego, CA {Noble Experiment}

So here we are at the end of yet another week. I’ll say this, the only thing that gets me through the hum-drum of it all is the promise of relaxing at a quietly stylish place such as Noble Experiment. You will not find douche bags, no gaudy Ed Hardy gear, no loud mouth sloppy drunkards. You will, however, find well crafted drinks and a comfortable place to sit. Not to mention decent people watching.

I had a gin based drink with rose water and I can’t remember what else. I will tell you this, the drinks are damn good and strong. Be sure to call yourself a cab after indulging in a few. Oh, and if you’re thinking of stopping by, make sure to text your reservation well in advance. It’s a small and intimate place and that’s part of how they keep it special; so thankfully, they do limit the number of people.

If you go… the first thing you’ll notice is the wall of skulls, but don’t forget to look up…

Noble Experiment

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