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Easy Make Ahead Pancake Mix

The best mornings are the ones when you don’t have to get up early for any reason. No alarm clock, no multiple snooze cycles, and no noisy and disruptive neighbors. Life can be good. This easy pancake mix makes pulling breakfast together a cinch. All you have to do is combine everything except the wet ingredients, freeze, and just add eggs and buttermilk to make the batter. Simple.

This recipe makes about 3 batches with 8 pancakes each. So, if you only have a few people to feed, that means you can freeze the mix and just pull out what you need. Since I usually only have to make breakfast for 2, I get 3 weekends’ worth out of one batch. Not bad at all.

Today, I made blackberry pancakes and added the berries after the batter was ladled into the pan. This way, each individual pancake has its own berries and they don’t end up at the bottom of the batter bowl. Garnishing with extra berries adds texture and of course, looks pretty.

If blackberries aren’t your thing, you could always go plain and add some fresh blueberries on top. Either way, this is the pancake mix that will simplify your mornings and get breakfast on the table in less than half the time. Do you have any quick breakfast tips?

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