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Strawberry Mango Quick Jam

I have a strawberry plant that has grown to overtake half of the vegetable box and was slowly inching its way further and further out. The strawberries were small and not enough in volume to make anything. It was either we eat them one by one as they ripened, or loose them to bugs and the chickens. Neither situation was ideal, so we decided to freeze them. When the plant stopped producing, I still didn’t have enough for a batch of jam to make it worth the time, so I decided to combine them with a mango that was quickly ripening. That turned out to be a good choice and with the addition of vanilla beans at the end, I got 2 thumbs up from K, the taste tester.

The best thing about this recipe from here is that you can make any quantity, large or small and it takes no time at all.  A great way to use up any fruit hanging around from summer’s bounty.

There is no exact recipe, but if you click on the link above (where it says “here”), you can read the original article. Here are the rough guidelines:

Cut and weigh the fruit. Add an equal weight of sugar.

Strawberries, mango, and sugar go into the pan. Bring to a boil. Turn heat off, cover and let macerate on the counter overnight (it was really hot here, so I refrigerated the entire pan).

The next day, cook small batches (approx 2 cups each time) over medium heat until it sets, 5-10 minutes. The preserves will be looser because this recipe does not add pectin- you are relying on the natural pectin in the fruit. Look for a slow drip from the spoon, a thicker stream as opposed to quick droplets. It took me a couple of batches to get the consistency right- the first time I overcooked the batch and after chilling, I had something resembling a caramel consistency. Fail.

Once the preserves are chilled down in the refrigerator, the next day it will most likely set up nicely.

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