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Cannéle Bordelais

There’s no doubt that the French have the lock down on pastries and desserts. Really, there’s the crepe, gateaux, macaron, napoleon, glace, pate de fruit, eclair, and then there’s the almighty cannele bordelais.  One bite of the chewy, caramelized edges and soft, custardy center will truly impress. I can still remember the first time I had a cannele. And then I immediately had another and yet another. It’s been many years since I last made them. I used to love the copper molds they were baked in and the fun of banging them out of those molds when they were fresh from the oven. So good for stress and for getting the desirable flat bottoms.

Fast forward many years later and I am really wanting to eat these again. I simply cannot hold out any longer.  During our trip to France, I tried all of the canneles I could get my hands on. Some were large, some small, some not so great, and a few really good ones. Since I don’t own copper molds, I had to settle for the silicone variety which honestly, is completely inferior to copper. There’s no comparison. Copper will give the proper texture on the outside and a more uniform caramelization. But, canneles would not be the same if not baked in the tall and slender fluted mold.

This recipe is a close match to the original that I used to use in the restaurant. Plus, it’s a smaller quantity and more manageable.

Fresh from the oven and cooled down. These treats are best enjoyed the day they are made and as soon as they cool down. You’ll find that the flavor and texture is at its best. However, they do keep very well uncovered for the day if they are being left out on the counter.

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