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Red Snapper Sashimi

On a random Saturday, we were sitting home watching PBS cooking shows, sipping morning coffee, and otherwise zoning out. That was fine and dandy until we started to get hungry and then this show came on. The snapper preparation was simple with clean flavors and unusual in that hot oil was drizzled over the fish to slightly cook it.

Although it’s now fall, you’d never know it with the sunny hot days we’re having. This was as good a day to make a cooler dish as any so to the fish market we went.

Prep all of the garnish beforehand and put them aside while you slice the fish.

Arrange fish on a platter, drizzle the hot oil on top, sprinkle a bit of soy sauce to taste and then proceed to add the garnish. Enjoy immediately.

*The original recipe here makes no mention in the directions of heating the oil. While watching the show, this was the unique step that piqued my interest so I decided to just go with it and sizzle that oil. I would recommend heating the oil until approximately 350 degrees. This way, the fish will cook slightly, but still be a bit raw. An interesting texture for sure. The next time I make this dish, I will be using sole which is less chewy than snapper.

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