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Darjeeling Scented Fig & Plum Jam

End of season summer plums and a fresh box of green figs, both with way too much fruit for us to reasonably consume. The next best option? Make jam of course! Thank goodness I came across this recipe because it has saved me from wasting so much fruit. The best thing is how easily adaptable the recipe is and you can use just a few ounces or pounds of fruit. Anything goes, and it’s quick and fun to do.

Basically, you cut and weigh your fruit and add an equal amount of sugar. There is no added pectin so the end result may be looser than a recipe that calls for pectin. We don’t mind at all because each time, our jam comes out really good. I’ve never made a same batch twice. Mixing and matching fruits and adjusting for whatever you have on hand is all part of the excitement. Steeping a tea bag of darjeeling was the crowning touch that added a subtle complexity to the jam.

This particular batch went really well with some walnut bread that we had on hand. Although we didn’t have it with butter today, tomorrow is definitely going to include a swipe of butter and a smearing of this darjeeling scented jam. And, a cup of tea.


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