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Yogurt with Honey Roasted Figs & Walnut Granola

Today was the first day that kinda sorta felt like fall. Morning was cool and overcast with a light drizzle. Know what goes well with a morning like this one?  Honey roasted figs and walnut granola over yogurt, of course. Being that I had a whole mason jar full of this jam, I might as well put it to use. But first, let’s make granola.

I have adapted this recipe in so many different ways- interchanging different oils (walnut, almond, grapeseed, canola, olive) and mixing and matching “extras” (nuts, seeds, flavorings).

This time, I used walnut oil, dried blueberries, pepitas, and walnut pieces. A nice compliment and contrast to the soft sweetness of honey roasted figs.

Make the granola the night before you want to use it. Roast the figs in a 350 degree oven with a slick of your favorite honey brushed over each half. Top yogurt with granola, figs, and a bit of your favorite jam.

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