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Hello Savannah, GA!

After a long day of travel on planes and automobiles, we are finally in Savannah. It’s late, but nevertheless, we decided to walk around town an do some exploring. First on the list was a drink. a real drink. There’s no better place to start than Mata Hari’s.

So we’re feeling right at home here in this speak-easy-ish establishment. It’s appropriately dark, moody, and laid back. I could stay here for days and I know we will be back many more times before leaving.

Have you ever had apple pie moonshine? Me neither until tonight. Lemme tell you, it smells like apple pie and sure does taste like apple pie, buttery flakey crust and all. This is seriously good and comes in a mason jar. What’s not to love??

Afterward, properly drunk and hungry we headed to Sweet Melissa’s Pizza for the largest slice of pizza I ever laid eyes on. No joke.

If you go:

Mata Hari

It’s behind Club 309 west (in the alley) between the two sets of dangerously steep stairs. But… you may need to procure a key to get in…

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