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Ghost Busting at Sorrell Weed House

Happy Halloween y’all! When in Savannah, one MUST do a ghost tour. Whether you’re a true believer, and trust me, there were more than a few, or just curious this house is downright scary in the dark.

In preparation for our trip, I researched a handful of tours and weeded out the super cheesy ones. I zeroed in on the Sorrell Weed Halloween special because where else can you roam an historical home in the dark? Never happens! I couldn’t get this tour booked quick enough.

The home is furnished sparsely with period furniture, not originals. No matter because it was all beautiful AND they don’t mind if you touch or sit on the couch! Since it’s Halloween, you’re probably waiting for the good stuff. The tour started off in the courtyard with random chit chat about Savannah hauntings and inquiry about other supposed haunted homes/locations. So far, so good. Once midnight hit, it was time to enter the house and watch a quick video on Francis Sorrel- in the dark. Things started to get creepy when the guide showed us ipad photos of past groups where shadowy figures were caught in the background. There was one disturbing photo of a little person standing by the door as seen through a reflection when nobody was in the room except the person taking the picture. Hmmmm. Time to split up into 3 groups: carriage house, parlour, and basement!

I thought the carriage house was the creepiest and after most of our group elected to leave early, we didn’t want to be the only ones to stick around in there by ourselves. I know, chicken! I totally admit it.

Not to miss if only for the history and architecture. A definite must see in Savannah. Pssst: they have day tours that have nothing to do with “ghosts” as well.

Sorrell Weed House:

6 W Harris Street, Savannah, GA 31401

(912) 257-2223

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