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Adventures in Drinking: Planter’s Tavern Bar {Savannah, GA}

This is exactly the kind of place we enjoy. It’s dark, it’s in the basement, it has live music, and a lively crowd. Instead of dining at the Pink House, we opted to head straight for the tavern underneath and it did not disappoint. This was a crowded night with diners filling all of the tables that lined the bar and only a few open bar stools for which we promptly sidled up to. Along with our drinks came lively conversation with the couple next to us who were locals residing on Tybee Island. We all shared a few laughs, and picked up some tips on must see places which included an hour plus drive outside town. More on that later. For now, we’re enjoying our drinks and taking one to-go. That’s right, TO GO as in plastic cup and walking around town sipping your drink of choice that is not a soft drink. I love this town!

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