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Sisters of the New South + Savannah Food Day Fest

Amazingly, we ventured out of the Historic District to check out Bonaventure Cemetery (coming soon) and the Savannah Food Day Festival. Before hitting the festival I knew we needed to eat lunch. We ended up at Sisters of the New South where I was introduced to the meat and three concept. For those in the dark (like I was), you get to choose one meat entree plus 3 sides. If you’re vegetarian, you get a choice of 4 sides. Love this concept.

There’s a steam table full of goodies to choose from and the ladies behind the counter are sweet and patient as can be. Here’s what I came away with: fried chicken + mac & cheese, collards, and okra. Yum! A bit of advice if you go: portions are LARGE so make sure you’re famished or have someone to share with otherwise, plan on leaving with a take out container.

Whenever we travel, anything food related is high on our to-do list. This time, we went to check out the Savannah Food Day Fest at Daffin Park. This was like no fest I have been to. There were produce vendors, food vendors, gardening, nutrition, and best of all? It was pet friendly! We were impressed with the vendors and came away a bag of flour, 2 jars of local honey, and a great idea for our little tasmanian devil dog. The lure course was so much fun to watch where the small dogs did considerably better than the larger ones. We could definitely use the lure in our backyard.

Freeman’s Mill is a family run mill that produces a variety of grits and flours that are seasonal. We bought a bag of whole wheat flour and I’m going to put in an order for the grits. I was lucky enough to try their grits at Alligator Soul and absolutely loved them! They were meaty and chewy, not at all like the usual mushy cream of wheat-ish ones I’ve had in the past. These are the real deal. Get some.

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