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Laurel Grove Cemetery

Ahhh… here we are at the cemetery yet again. Cemetery touring has become a favored pastime when we travel to most places, namely, destinations with rich history and decaying cemeteries. It’s just a thing. Laurel Grove was as beautiful as Bonaventure, but even more peaceful. It’s well maintained and unique in the fact the it’s actually two separate cemeteries. Laurel Grove North was reserved for whites and Laurel Grove South was dedicated to slaves and free people of color. We arrived at LG South first, but it was right at closing time and we didnt’ want to chance getting locked in. The cemetery fascination only goes so far, and not far enough to spend the night in one. Early the next morning, we set out for LG North. LG North is the final resting place for many Confederate soldiers of the Civil War. Here are some highlights of our visit:

Laurel Grove North

 802 West Anderson Street
Savannah, GA
(912) 651-6772


Laurel Grove South

2101 Kollock St.
Savannah, GA 31415

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