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2013: Time to get cooking


I have a ridiculous amount of cookbooks that I use for “research” or so I tell myself. Does looking at pretty pictures of fantastic food count as research? Of course it does! Really, I have all the best intentions of exploring new recipes in each book, but seldom get around to actually following a recipe start to finish.  Instead, I like to take bits and pieces of coveted recipes and cobble together a whole new dish. This usually happens because I don’t have all necessary ingredients at the ready or because I want to swap one ingredient for another. Or, I get bored mid way and decide to finish it off my way.

Last night I did the unthinkable and counted the books. Let’s just say there’s more than 100 and it’s high time they were put to use. With the start of a new year, I hope to do more cooking from this mighty collection of cookbooks and I also hope to share the successful ones with you.

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