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Guggenheim Bilbao and More Tapas

Guggenheim Museum


We spent a nice day driving to Bilbao and browsing the Guggenheim. It is indeed a spectacular modern architectural spectacle. The exhibits were as modern as the building itself, but Richard Serra’s interactive maze of metal spirals, ellipses, circles, and curves are something to be experienced. Just don’t eat right before taking a walk inside this installation.



After returning to our hotel, we were ready for more txacoli and some relaxation. So, we headed down to the restaurant and had a drink and indulged in more tapas.

Crujiente de rabo de buey con cremoso de patatas

The hotel’s restaurant was always lively and buzzing with people. It was time we checked it out. It’s a good thing we did because I would have missed out more tasty tidbits. This tapa had soft, shredded beef inside the phyllo purse and sat atop mashed potatoes with cheese.


A satisfying ending to a fun-filled day.

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