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Defenestration at House of Falling Furniture

So you’re looking for an adventure, eh? Well, I have the 2 minute cure for you if you happen to be near San Francisco. Listen up because it’s worth a trip. This jaunt will require you to venture into the crack den of the city. Yes, there are homeless and abandoned buildings. Stray dogs and folks shouting at each other from across the street. Be careful not to trip on debris on the sidewalk and if you accidently do, don’t land on a dirty needle!

Once you’ve arrived at the corner of Sixth and Howard, you can’t miss the abandoned Hugo Hotel. I can’t tell you how many times I passed this place in the car and always noticed and gawked at it, but NEVER took 2 seconds to park the car and get out. Until now. I decided it was high time to get a few snapshots and a better look. I also learned a bit about this place and it’s actually an installation by Brian Goggin called Defenestration. You can read about it here. This installation is fascinating and I love the furniture hanging out of the windows as if they are about to fall out. Kinda makes me just want to run up in there and give ’em a push!

Hugo Hotel

Installation “Defenestration” located at the corner of Sixth and Howard

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