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Adventures in Eating: San Francisco {La Mar}

cebiche clasico

I’m almost 90% sure I’ve posted or mentioned La Mar before. I love this place and it’s the closest we can get to Peruvian cuisine without making it ourselves. Rewind to several years ago when we took a trip to Peru. Now, I did hear that Lima had good food, but I was not prepared for the sheer awesomeness that is Peruvian cuisine. Whoa! It’s a smash up of indigenous and immigrant flavors and preparations. My taste buds were jolted alive and shocked in the best possible way. After leaving Peru, I really missed the food and when we found ourselves in Bogota, Colombia, I was ecstatic that La Mar had a restaurant there. So off we went and enjoyed an abundant feast that was almost as good as the original. When I caught on that LM was opening in SF, you bet I was on it the next time we were in the city. We’ve been here a few times and always enjoy it and the memories that come along with familiar dishes and excitement in trying something new.


empanadas de k’apchi

Lunch was a delight and a nice way to end the day. Before leaving, we took a stroll through the Ferry Building and made sure to get some coffee for the drive back down the peninsula.

La Mar

Pier 1.5 Embarcadero, SF, CA, 94111


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