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On the Fringe in Alviso, CA

This past weekend we headed to a lesser known community in Santa Clara County called Alviso. It’s a sleepy enclave that was once a shipping and boating port in the 1850’s, had a large cannery, and during the Depression was known for its gambling establishments and dance halls. Today, there is a county park where year round activities such as hiking, biking, boating, and bird watching are the main attraction. There is also a vast marshland that is accessible for outdoor recreation.

Unfortunately, the canning company is in disrepair but is still a sight to see.

Here’s a peek at a favorite stress relieving activity. When the tide recedes, it leaves behind smooth mudflats. I like to take the heavy rocks and toss them into the mud and listen to the “SPLAT” it makes as the rock plunges into the mud. So satisfying.

Alviso Marina County Park

Mill Street, Alviso (no specific address)


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