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San Jose Tofu

If there’s one unique place in San Jose, CA it’s the San Jose Tofu Company. A tiny shop on Jackson Street in Japan town, one could easily miss it. This shop is basically a doorway with a small room where the tofu making action takes place. You can step right up and purchase anywhere from 1- however much you want for a very reasonable price, $2 each! What I like about this shop is they make a limited amount of tofu and when it’s sold out for the day, that’s it. Although I must say, a few days ago they were sold out by the time I got there and I was a bit disappointed. The next time I made sure to get at least two blocks of super fresh tofu.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy tofu is an uncomplicated raw preparation (hiyayakko) of green onions, ginger, soy sauce, and dried bonito flakes. Super simple, super fresh, and highlights the natural creaminess of tofu.

This is not so much a recipe, but lose guidelines for an easy way to enjoy soft tofu. You can use as much or as little tofu or ingredients as you want. There’s almost no way to mess it up so have fun and just go with it. Here’s what you will need:

1 block tofu (or any amount you want to eat)

2 tbsp soy sauce

1 stalk green onion

1 tsp minced ginger

togarashi (japanese chile pepper mix), a dash

dried bonito flakes, 1 package

heirloom tomato, 4 slices

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