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Adventure in Drinking: Bonny Doon Wine Tasting {Santa Cruz, CA}

We made it out to Santa Cruz again and headed to the tasting room at Bonny Doon. It was our first visit to the SC location as we used to frequent the location in the town of Bonny Doon (my favorite). Besides their tasty wines, friendly staff, and expansive tasting room, I especially loved that we didn’t get kicked out for having a dog with us. Hooray!

In addition to a couple of cozy nooks like above, there is also a winding counter with stools and lots of open space. It’s comfortable, casual and relaxing. We opted for the larger tasting menu which gave us a nice selection of choices and from the looks of the line up in the first photo, we liked a lot of what we had and even took a chance on some we didn’t try. With wines as delicious and quirky as BD, it’s easy to get carried away.

My treasure box filled with dinner wine and summer wine and anytime wine for a good time.

Bonny Doon Tasting Room

328 Ingalls St

Santa Cruz, CA 95060


*Side note: I heard BD is opening up a tasting room in Davenport which is not too far from the town of Bonny Doon.

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