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Mean Jeans

The world has changed in the last 10 years. Neighborhoods which once were filled with people whose genders were difficult to decipher have now been taken over and gentrified. I’m not saying gentrification is bad, I’m merely saying that the world and at a much lower level, individual neighborhoods within large cities have changed.

This brings us to today’s post. The neighborhood, “the tenderloin”, the place, “Hemlock”, and finally, the band, “Mean Jeans”. From the isolated hipster outpost of Portland, Oregon, home of rain, trees and beards, comes the heavy influence of two bands,  one from NH and the other from NY. Loud, Fast, Poppy and Punk, Mean Jeans never fails to turn a normally subdued crowd of art school dropouts into an angry mob of middlewestern rage and frustration. Among the mob of raging middlewestern art school dropouts were two mature people from the concrete wilds of San Diego, with the sole purpose of providing you, our gentile readers, with this photographic essay.

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