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Morrissey at Hollywood High

Times have changed since high school, but my musical tastes have remained pretty much the same. Well, ok I’ve kinda branched out a little and taken in new bands like this but Morrissey and The Smiths remain high on my list of all time favorite bands- ever.

Last Friday, I got the text of the year- Two extra Morrissey tickets at Hollywood High on Saturday! Oh yes! I just had to convince you-know-who and it was a done deal. I couldn’t wait. The two or so hours left at work were pure drudgery as I was too excited to think of anything else but Saturday and the smallish venue and our general admission floor tickets.

It’s been 20-ish years since my last Morrissey concert, one that landed me in the hospital after only 3 songs. It was so sad. I was so sad about it all. I tried to last, but the crushing mass of fans more zealous than I was carried me away in a suffocating stream. Needless to say, 20+ years later, I was happy with the seats we found, 5 rows from the stage. After all, who needs to be in the pit anyhow? Apparently, me and J’s friend, also J. Somebody did not learn her lesson and could not resist taking the opportunity to slide into second row seats and eventually jump a row of chairs as soon as security turned their backs. J and I saw a sliver of an opportunity and we took it. As J said, when it comes to Morrissey, it’s every man/woman for himself/herself.

This time, I was prepared for the dedicated Morrissey crowd. I was ready to not be crushed/stomped/trampled in the mass of sweaty bodies. I was so ready. To my amazement, the crowd turned out to be very docile, save for the one idiot that wormed his way next to me and acted the complete fool. There’s always one. I guess as times change so do people and maybe we’re all getting older and more frail, but it was all so well behaved. I was shocked and amazed.

What was supposed to be my cure from years of listening to Morrissey sing about more of the same, I was sure this time around I would change my tune and see that the show wasn’t all that fantastic. That it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Surely, I’d experience this show thorough more mature eyes and my interest would wane.  Quite the opposite happened. Going to this show brought back all the great memories and reminded me of why I enjoyed Morrissey’s music. Secretly, I hoped to be over it all but last Saturday’s performance sucked me in all over again.

A stop at the Roosevelt Hotel bar for some pre show relaxing.

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