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Mariscos el Mazateno

The morning after dining at Mision 19, before our horrendous 2.5 hour wait to cross back over the border, we had breakfast at Mariscos el Mazateno. It was a busy Sunday morning and this place was bustling. The aromas coming from the open kitchen were enough to get our appetites going and before we knew it, we ordered quite a bit for breakfast.

I started with the sauteed spicy shrimp tacos which were piled with a generous serving of shrimp, enough to make 2 additional tacos! So far, so good; I am impressed. Also ordered were the octopus tacos cooked in a black bean sauce which was quite an unusual surprise that speaks to the blend of cultures in Tijuana and works very well. Lastly, I had to try the seafood soup that came in a large bowl complete with a bundle of warm tortillas. By this time, I was beyond full but how could I leave without having the soup? It was more of a taste as we left most of it unfinished. If I could have crossed the border without the terrible time commitment involved, I would have taken the rest of my soup to go. Ahhh, there’s always next time.

Mariscos el MazateƱo

Calzada Tecnologico, No. 473

Tomas Aquino, Tijuana, Mexico

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