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Tijuana Art Show

Last week we were back in Tijuana, Mexico again. We just couldn’t stay away. This time, we came for an art show by Waste Not, Want Not that was supposed to take place at a gallery called Local 29 on Pasaje Rodriguez. I wanted to get there early in hopes that we would could get first crack at the art. In a round about way, we did.

The galleries at Pasaje Rodriguez are located in what seemed like a covered alleyway beneath a defunct nightclub. There are rows of small spaces occupied by artists and a fledgling brewery. At night, the spaces come alive and many were open to passersby to meander in and out of the various galleries. We got to try some good beer and meet interesting, creative locals.

Rewind to earlier in the evening when we first arrived. As you can see above, most of the spaces were closed. We were informed by a neighbor to Local 29 that the show moved several blocks down the street to a place called Sexy Homey. Say What??? So we trekked on over and found the place and got to meet the artist and indeed had our pick of the pieces. It didn’t take long for me to zero in on one that would come home with us. Luckily, we got to take it right then and there, no red dot on the wall or having to wait until later to pick up the piece. This was great. With a painting in hand, we made our way to dinner (more on this later) and then back to Pasaje Rodriguez for some fun to end the night.

Below are some of the installations and paintings on display.

On our way out, we noticed a column that was full of little sketches and scenes. Each side was different and had multiple subjects dotted up and down the column. It was fascinating and we spent quite a bit of time taking it all in. My favorite is the third photo down with the little man holding onto a staple to keep from falling.

Here’s some of what we saw:

This time we parked our car at the border on the San Diego side and walked across a convoluted path into Mexico and then caught a cab to our destination. let me tell you, crossing the border on a Friday night took no time at all. There was NO WAIT for pedestrians at all. I couldn’t believe it. I’m not sure if this is the norm of if we happened to get lucky, but it was fantastic and sure beats waiting in the car line for 2+ hours. This is the way to go.

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