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Adventures in Eating: La Querencia {Tijuana, Mexico}

In between the Waste Not, Want Not show and the Pasaje Rodriguez art shows, we went for dinner to fuel up for a night filled with adventure. Tonight we are trying La Querencia in the Zona Gastronomica  district. After our delightful dining experience at Mision 19, we were more than looking forward to another Baja Mediterranean feast and La Querencia definitely lived up to our expectations.

The menu is filled with uniquely Baja flavors, delectable  small bites that are perfect for sharing over a glass of wine or beer. There are also main courses which we did not try this time around. When you’re as excited as I was about trying as much as our stomachs could handle, you choose a handful smaller plates. Above is the chicharron de pulpo which was octopus with rosemary, chile, and flambed with tequila. Definitely a spectacular presentation worth ordering. I’m not a lover of octopus, but the preparation and mouth-watering flavors were impressive. Now if I could only get over octopus’ naturally chewy texture…

As we ordered a few more dishes, the waiter came by with a plate full of sauteed shrimp with the most delicious aroma. Of course I just had to try it.

By far, the most delicious dish was the seared ahi with fresh avocado, avocado salsa and Japanese ingredients such as furikake and shoyu. See what a healthy portion this is? I have to admit, we ate it all! This is definitely something I would order again and think about often.

Lastly, we had the portobello quesadilla with gorgonzola and peppers. This was good, but not particularly memorable. But hey, they can’t all be spectacular, right? All in all, our dining experience at La Querencia was a hit, especially the ahi. Next time we return, I’d like to see what it’s like during lunchtime.

La Querencia:

Av. Escuadrón 201 No. 3110
Entre Blvd. Sánchez Taboada y Blvd. Salinas,
Tijuana, B.C.

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