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Heritage Park in Old Town {San Diego, CA}

I’ve been wanting to visit Heritage Park (adjacent to historic Old Town) for quite a while and we finally went a couple of weekends ago. If you’re into Victorian homes and their architecture, it’s worth a visit. Although some of the houses are businesses and can’t be toured, there is a small visitors center and a tea house that the general public can check out. There is also a short uphill trail that winds behind the houses and once at the top, you get an amazing view of the city. The houses were moved here from various locations in the city centre- the visitor’s center was originally located on Banker’s Hill. I’m glad there is a place here where these beautiful historic homes could be moved and preserved. It would be a shame if they were razed to make room for retail space or apartment buildings. Next time we return, I am hoping to get a chance to have tea at the Coral Tree Tea House.

Heritage Park

2454 Heritage Park Row
Old Town San Diego, CA  92110

Phone: 858-966-1308

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