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San Diego County Fair 2013

When I think of the County fair, I think of insane traffic, rides with questionable safety records and of course, the carnies that operate them. Fortunately, we were able to wake up early, which means getting to the fair at the indecent hour of ten AM. Along with that, we avoid the rides due to the fact that I’m no longer young and or able to tolerate being spun around like a top. Instead, we found a seat and watched our first ever pig race. The piglets are first and they are way too cute. There are a few races, each time with a different group of pigs. The last one was with larger guys who were not nearly as fast as the tiny ones, but still fun to watch. The winner of each race is rewarded with an oreo cookie.

 The San Diego County fair was first held in 1880 and has run just about every year since. Up until the early 2000’s it even had a beauty contest hilariously called the “Fairest of the Fair” where the Queen would rule over (what was officially called), her “Court of Lovelies”. The beauty pageant is now long gone, in part thanks to a bit of scandal involving a teenage mother being disqualified. Who doesn’t love a good fair related scandal?

Regardless, we had been looking forward to the fair for some time with the animals being high on our list. Frankly, that was our only reason for going. We harbor dreams of someday having goats and a few more birds and the fair is a great opportunity to see what we we’d be getting ourselves into. You can talk to people who dedicate a good chunk of their time to raising the animals and hopefully learn a thing or two.

Rambling through the grounds we came across the 4-H llama competition (see Billy the champ above- he tried to slip me the tongue), an FFA goat show, and a 600 pound pig that never moved. Living in an urban area these are things that are foreign to us. Even though we have animals ourselves and grow a modest garden, these displays of rural life have a bit of nostalgia to them. Its a bit like spending the day with Napoleon Dynamite.

And yes, we will be back… next week.

San Diego County Fair: 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, CA/Del Mar Fairgounds/858-755-1161

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