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Paris: La Maison du Chocolat

La Maison du Chocolat


Bonjour! So we made it to Paris after an all day train ride. After checking into our hotel, we decided to find someplace to grab a quick bite to eat. No problem, we’ll just find a cozy neighborhood bistro to have lunch, right? It wasn’t nearly that easy. The few places close by to the hotel were not anything to get excited about. So we continued on. We did find a FNAC and cha-ching! Maison du Chocolat! Oh wow. This place was on my list of patisseries to hunt down the next day, but here it was right before me.



I was astounded to see the selection all laid out before me, perfect and calling my name loudly. What to try? I wanted to get one of everything. We ended up leaving with a chocolate tart which I can never pass up and a chocolate eclair.  I need to tell you about the packaging. Each item is individually packaged in its own protective box and bagged up in a sturdy bag. Impressive. It happened to be raining that day.  We got lost on the way back to the hotel,  jostled our way through the FNAC to pick up a Michelin Guide, and dodged the crowds on the street.


When we finally got up to the room, I couldn’t wait to break out the dessert. Remember what I told you about the packaging? That was important because everything was intact and just as flawless as it was sitting in the shop case. If you’re wondering how these tasted, you should know they were both very good. The chocolate tart had the creamiest texture with perfectly smooth ganache and the chocolate filling in the eclair was melt in your mouth delicious. But, to be honest, we both agreed that Bigot from this previous post was the hands down winner as far as best all around chocolate tart and eclair. I still dream of Bigot.

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