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Adventures in Eating: Foodgarden {Tijuana, Mexico}

Lately, we’ve been venturing out to TJ after a few years hiatus due to the craziness going on. It used to be, before we moved to SD, that we would jump in the rental car right after landing at the airport and head straight for TJ to eat. We miss those times dearly and are really glad to be traveling back again. There are numerous places to try and the exciting thing about it all is the food is totally Baja style, unique in its own way. This day we went to Foodgarden, a kind of casual food court style place where you can order from any stall you choose, and then pay and buy drinks at the cashier. Easy and delicious.

Our destination here was Basque style tapas at Etxeverria. With our memories of days spent bar hopping for tapas in San Sebastian and all of the new flavors we were introduced to, we just had to try this place and it did not disappoint. Below is the portobello mushroom pintxo and marmitako- tuna and potatoes which completely blew my socks off and I can’t wait until I have my kitchen back so I can recreate a version of this deliciousness.

Tacos Kokopelli was next on the list. I went for the cheese and shrimp taco with chile pepper and K got the octopus with black bean sauce. I never would have thought to drape an entire chile over the shrimp in my taco, but it worked and you bet I’ll be trying this at home!

By this time we were full and should have not continued on, but I love chilaquiles like nobody’s business and what a waste of a trip not to try them while were here. The chilaquile place makes all kinds, many variations. Here, we tried the tomatillo ones and they were absolutely fantastic with just the right amount of crunch and enough soft (not soggy) parts. And the beans! Ooooh, were they tasty. We will definitely be back as we are already talking about hopping over for a quick dinner on maybe a Friday night sometime soon (open till 10pm on most weeknights). If you’re in San Diego, you might as well grab your passport and head across the border for a unique lunch experience. Tip: park on the U.S. side, walk across, grab a taxi to Foodgarden and avoid the 2+ hour car wait to cross back to SD.

Foodgarden: Blvd Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada 10650/Tijuana, MX/+52 664 634 3527

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