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Cucumber Mint Agua Fresca

This weekend was hot hot hot! Mostly, it was the humidity that made things uncomfortable. We picked the last of the cucumbers from the garden and used the ones that weren’t quite perfect for pickling in this agua fresca.

In a blender, add chopped cucumber, handful of mint, 1 lime, skinned. Blend until the mixture becomes smoother with less chunks. Add ice cubes and water, more or less depending on how watery/thick you like it. We kept this batch on the thicker side.

Since there is no sugar or sweetener of any kind, this drink is super refreshing and undoubtedly healthy. You could of course add a bit of agave syrup to sweeten things up.

No need to strain unless you want it super smooth, but my blender does a nice job of liquifying everything so I did not have to strain.

Just a little bit of cool on a hot summer day.

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