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Marché de la Bastille

At home, I love going to the farmer’s market so naturally, I was super excited to go to an authentic French marché. We headed to Marché de la Bastille where they had a huge variety of produce, seafood, bread, and other goodies. I noticed quite a bit of imported fruits such as lychee, passion  fruit and mango. I was surprised by this.


I loved the selection of cheese and variety of eggs.


After browsing we were ready for lunch. This stand in the market smelled too good to pass up. I ordered a zaatar of sesame and thyme. My limited French language skills prevented me from getting what the person in line ordered which looked delicious. Oh well. At least I was pleased with my zaatar. Now that we were satiated, it was time to get lost. We ended up in the Marais where we window shopped and stumbled onto the Musée Carnavalet where there happened to be a Louis Vuitton exhibit of luggage and travel cases. This was certainly the find of the day and a pleasant surprise.


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