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Adventures in Drinking: Monkey Paw {San Diego, CA}

Raise your paw and let’s toast to us finally making it to this bar. We’ve passed it many times but never stopped in until now. I’ll just say this, we were missing out. The casual atmosphere and open windows make this a good spot to unwind after the day is done.

Monkey Paw in East Village San Diego was having a “special event” today with a new organization called LoveLikeBeer ( @love_like_beer ). LoveLikeBeer aim to host culinary events with local artisans here in San Diego. This fit perfect with a small micro brew like Monkey Paw which is gaining a reputation for making fantastic beers here in the neighborhood.

Special Menu:

Mumbai Monkey Sandwich w/Crispy Curried Tofu & Carrot-Ginger-Sesame Slaw
Beer Pairing:
Monkey Paw LOVELIKEBEER Lemon Balm and Mint Saison

Both get a solid two thumbs up. Delicious. Also try the fried pretzel and have another beer.

Monkey Paw: 805 16th St/San Diego, CA/619-358-9901

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