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Greek Salad

It’s summer, the weather is warm and all I want to eat are salads. It was time to shake up our usual salad routine where I throw together whatever I have in the crisper and instead, I actually planned to make this one, kind of. You see, I had this beautiful heirloom tomato, a last cucumber from the garden, a sole Japanese bell pepper, and lemons. It was the lemons and cucumber that planted the seed in my lazy brain that I should make a Greek salad. So, off I went to the market to get some feta and olives.

Northpark Produce has quite an array of feta cheese. Today, I choose Bulgarian feta that was super white in color, creamy, milky and smooth as velvet. They also have a nice selection of olives and a jackpot goldmine of spices and chile peppers. I got so distracted checking it all out, I almost forgot what else I was there for. But hey, what else is new, this happens a lot.

Greek Salad:

yield: 2 servings

1 cucumber, skinned and sliced thin on a mandoline (or chopped)

1 heirloom tomato, sliced

red onion, thin sliced

1 small green bell pepper

1 lemon

microgreens (optional)

handful olives (usually kalamata but I used green)

bunch of fresh oregano

ground aleppo pepper (optional)

feta cheese, sliced

olive oil

salt and pepper

Once your veggies are sliced, arrange on a platter, top with 1 slice of feta, drizzle olive oil, and squeeze lemon over (1/2 lemon per serving). Garnish with oregano leaves, sprinkle aleppo pepper over feta, salt and pepper to taste.

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