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La Clandestina and Cueva de Leon {Mexico City}

I’ve never really been a fan of tequila or anything that remotely smelled like tequila. One too many tequila sunrise drinks will do that to a person. Let’s not revisit that time. So we’re here in awesome Mexico City after an hours long airport delay thanks to Popo. It’s late, we’re hungry, and a bit tired. In true fashion, we cannot just resign ourselves to the comfortable bed at our hotel. Oh no, we decide to get out and about, hit the ground runing with a little mezcal tasting at La Clandestina in Condesa. It’s a small mezcal bar that is hiding in plain sight. We had to ask a couple of different shop keepers and bars where this place was. Nothing fancy and certainly not flashy. It was a dark bar known for their handpicked selection of mezcal and as it turned out, a great place to unwind and put a few down. This night, I discovered three things: 1. I really like mezcal, especially the one with lime infusion and subtle smokiness, 2. I love Indio beer! It’s crisp, clean and refreshing, on  the light side kinda like Japanese beer but maybe darker, 3. I can eat pumpkin seeds, learned how this night and was hooked on the salty shells.

Below, you can catch a glimpse of what came next. we headed down the street to get some micheladas and see a live band at Caradura:

Afterward, as we headed back to the hotel, we passed a taqueria and K casually asked if I wanted to check it out. Um, YES! Later, I would find out he was just asking to be polite but c’mon, doesn’t he know who he’s dealing with? We’re in Mexico City and I’m ready to indulge some tasty eats. Sidenote, I never pass up an opportunity because I know all good food comes to a screeching halt once we leave.

Here we are across the street at Cueva de Leon. I wasn’t starving, but you know I just had to try a handful of tacos because it smelled so good in there. There’s no time like the present to dive right in.

Chorizo and potatoes

Asada & onions

More chorizo

Al pastor (pork)

Chicken al pastor

By the way, I think this place beat the pants off of K’s favorite taqueria here in DF, but we shall see…

La Clandestina: Alvaro Obregon 298 (between Oaxaca and Huichapan)/Colonia Condesa, Mexico City, Mexico

Caradura: Melchor Ocampo 306 int. tres, Esq. Rio Guadalquivir/Colonia y Delegación Cuauhtémoc.

Cueva de Leon:

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