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Mercado 100 {Mexico City}

It’s a well known fact that when we travel I seek out the best markets and plan our trip around the food. Mercado el 1oo was new to us and I was particularly looking forward to experiencing it because the philosophy behind this farmer’s market is to get great quality, organic produce from within no more than 100  miles. Held once a week on Sunday, the market rotates between a few plazas. This time it was at Plaza Rio de Janeiro in Colonia Roma.

Markets in Mexico are vast and amazing, but Mercado el 100 was a whole different experience. Compact and intimate, this market had only a handful of stalls but the offerings were outstanding. In addition to the food items, there are also informal classes offered and the topic on this day was chocolate. I would have loved to stay and listen but we were in a hurry get to our next destination as our days were running short.

The best thing I learned form this market journey was a great way to prepare quelite and nopales (cactus). When I saw the vendor picking quelite from his stand and cooking it up, I knew I had to try the tlacoyos he was preparing. He was also kind enough to let me try the nopales that was to be his lunch. Here on the comal, are nopales which are just cooked in a bit of oil and juice from the quelite. That’s all. So simple and delicious and not a bit slimy.

I have to say, this market although small, blew me away and I’m glad folks are taking an interest in quality organic produce and supporting the local farms.

Mercado el 100:

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