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Space Invaders and Lenôtre

Street art can be really cool. I’m no fan of tacky graffiti that trashes a neighborhood or a cheesy name scrawled on a wall. I am a fan of stencil art and Invader. We were lucky enough to find some space invaders in Paris and it became a thing we would do whenever we were in a new neighborhood. We were on the lookout for those cool tile space invaders.

Space Invaders

These were the first ones we saw, quite by accident. I just read an article here and was disappointed to hear the news. Searching for the invaders was a lot of fun since they’re found in unassuming places. There are some in our neighborhood and I’m glad they’re here. Kind of makes the place more unique.

Here’s another example of interesting art. After a stroll thorough Pompidou Centre, we saw some spray paint on the walls and I just happened to look up at what seemed like an abandoned building. Can you imagine my amazement when I saw this? If you’re not paying attention, you’d miss out.


The best thing about walking aimlessly and enjoying the city is… finding Lenôtre across the street! What luck.

Chocolate Macaron
Chocolate Eclair

I enjoyed a giant macaron. It was good. To bad we were half way back to the hotel before I tasted it. I would have gone back for another, or two.

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