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Pujol {Mexico City}

Right after making our Mexico City trip reservations, we started looking for some restaurants to try. Of course, I had my favorites that I would have loved to revisit, but I also wanted to try something new. After all, this trip was about discovering new gems in terms of both food and travel.

It was a toss up between Pujol and Biko for our one fine dining night out. We decided on Pujol and it did not disappoint. Known for their use of native ingredients and innovative preparations, the food was exciting, familiar, yet totally unexpected. I was surprised to learn that the restaurant has been around for 14 years because they are still on the cutting edge and there was truly an unexpected element in each course. We chose the 7 course menu although the glutton in me secretly wanted the full 13 course menu, I knew I couldn’t last. Here’s what we had:

Flauta de aguacate, camaron, y pulpo

Ensalada de salsa verde

Sopa de tortilla

Taco de ceviche de pesacdo and Taco de barbacoa con tortilla de poblano

Pescado al pastor (my least favorite) and Infladita de huevo (awesome!!! with insectos on the bottom)

The chef noticed my pescado al pastor was not devoured, so this “pinata” came out. I was completely blown away as this was unexpected and I was impressed at the chef’s attention to detail. I got a kick out of cracking open the “pinata” and enjoyed the surprise inside.

Next came the helado de zanahoria blanca y amaranto. Another hit that I enjoyed. It had been many years since I had amaranth and the delicate sweetness of carrot ice cream and crunchy amaranth was a nice touch.

Lastly, the fruit and cheese course. By this time, I was beyond full but could not let good cheese go to waste. As soon as this platter came, I instantly remembered what happened years ago when I polished off a platter of fresh cheese in Puebla. That resulted in an emergency room visit and a ruined rest of the trip because I couldn’t be too far from the bathroom. I kinda learned my lesson that time, so this time I just “tasted” and left well enough alone.

As a final send off, this “cappuccino” ended the evening and at this time, I could only force feed myself a couple of bites. Had this arrived earlier, it would have disappeared, but I’ve learned that enough is enough and it’s best for me to quit while I’m just a hair ahead of the game.

Pujol: Francisco Petrarca 254/Polanco 11570, Mexico City

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