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Rosetta Bakery and Mercado San Juan {Mexico City}

Before our trip began, I scoured the internet for bakeries, cafes, and anything food related. Of course, I found much more than we could have possibly hoped to check out. Plus, I still wanted to hit up my favorite, El Globo for the banderias that I had been missing for so long. I did however, find this gem called Rosetta Bakery in Colonia Roma.

Rosetta is best known for their chocolate conchas which sell out early. By the time we arrived, it was 11:00 or so and the conchas were no more. We inquired about the best time to get a hold of a few and the kind staff took our name and promised to set some aside the next morning. Yay! For the time being, we were content to have coffee and a pain au chocolate which by the way was very good. It had all the buttery flakiness and smooth chocolate filling that one would expect. For a brief second, I felt like we were in a Parisian cafe complete with art nouveau decor, save for the super low ceiling. As we enjoyed breakfast, we planned out the day which was to include a trip to Mercado San Juan, known as the gourmands market for their specialty items such as jamon serrano, international cheese and spices selection.

Mercado San Juan was a bit challenging to find. Once we were in the vicinity, we had to ask around in order to find the building. Once there, I was pleasantly surprised at its manageable size compared to the mother of all indoor markets, La Merced (more on this later). As we meandered through the market, we noticed a good selection of imported items in produce, meats, and cheeses. In addition, there were also stalls of seafood, spices, and botanas.

Since we didn’t have access to a kitchen, our purchases were limited. We did get a few scoops of fried crickets in a spicy chile pepper mix with nuts which was a good accompaniment to the beer we had later. But, I have to admit, those crickets were larger than what I was comfortable with. I prefer the really small ones.

On the way back from the market, we happened upon a mole shop where the powdered variety is ground right next door, you can see the machine below. Not only did they have mole, but there was also dried fruits, candied nuts, and ground chile powders. I was going to wait until we went to La Merced or Xochimilco to pick up the mole to bring back home, but how could we resist the fresh variety that was right before our eyes? When it was all said and done, we left with I don’t know how many pounds of several varieties of mole because who knows how long it will be until we return.

Mercado San Juan: Calle de Ernesto Pugibet No. 21, Mexico City, Mexico (Centro)

Molinera El Progresso: Aranda 26 Bis Centro (AREA 7), CUAUHTEMOC, C.P 06070 – DF (Centro)

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